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12 Top DeFi Tools to support your Journey

The DeFi space can seem daunting, new technology and concepts always are. Navigating the space can be tricky if you are new, and so we have compiled a few sites and the best DeFi tools, that will help ease your journey, and cover the following categories:

  • News
  • DeFi Screeners
  • Portfolio Trackers
  • On-Chain Data Tools


Keeping up to date with Crypto/Web3 markets is a full time job, by the time you blink tokens have swung 1000%, protocols have exploded and the next messiah has been born. There are many news outlets covering the space, so we have included our favourites, with a mix of independent outlets and aggregators.

The Block

The Block, one of our favourite platforms, covering the latest scoops and developments in the space. What really makes it special are the data dashboards that are available. The dashboards cover a range of sectors, from general spot and futures markets to DeFi and other on-chain metrics. The recent addition of The Block Pro, a subscription based service providing the latest in research, news and data on an institutional level, users can take their analysis to the next level with unique, unbiased insights.

Coin Telegraph

Cointelegraph is another staple crypto news platform, covering the latest developments across a range of different web3 sectors. Alongside news and market insights, Cointelegraph boasts a great library of exclusive interviews with industry veterans, and a knowledge-base covering the basics of web3 and crypto. A great resource for those new to the markets.


Founded in May 2013, CoinDesk is a Web3 media giant, covering all things crypto, from the latest price trends and on-chain analytics, to the latest technological trends and developments. For those who need news on the go, CoinDesk have 9 specially curated newsletters, streamlining the latest insights right into your inbox.


Cryptopanic is a news aggregator, and extremely helpful to have on in the background. With a bloomberg-esque aesthetic, the site is a no-nonsense news aggregator, thats great for seeing the spaces latest developments. It has a neat filter in that you can sort by the news’ sentiment, whether it be bullish, bearish, or just funny — bearing in mind these are voted for by the people.

DeFi Screeners

Decentralised Finance, a sector of unbound importance to the space, an advocate of freedom and the beating heart of Web3, without it, it would be hard to think where we’d be. As true as that is, manoeuvring through DeFi can be a tall order for the untrained, and for us to move forward access must be simplified and easier for those newer to the space. Here are a few screeners to guide you on your journey.


Defi Llama is a fan favourite app. Its a staple in the arsenal of any DeFi investor, and gives insight into a plethora of protocols spanning many networks. Covering all realms of DeFi, from lending and borrowing to bridging and insurance, the provides a great overview of the market landscape, and the finer protocol details.


Another awesome tool that allows you to scan over 100,000 different liquidity pools and asset pairs, across 68 chains. For those new to DeFi, DEXTools have a great library of video tutorials on their youtube channel, to get you up to speed on how things work around here.

DeFi Portfolio Trackers

Keeping tabs on your assets, just like the news, is a full time job, especially when your net-worth spans multiple network. Portfolio trackers are great tools, and should be used to keep a eye on all your assets and open positions. We know from experience that managing a DeFi portfolio can be a struggle, yields fluctuate and prices move, and no matter how hard you try, your typing speed in excel will not be fast enough. Here are some of our favourite portfolio trackers and DeFi analytics tools


APY Vision’s simple UI helps easily visualise all your positions, all in one place — and with real time tracking, you know whats going on with any one position at any one time! The app covers multiple chains, so all you need is your hotwallet address and your are all set!

Merlin — By Valk

Another great portfolio tracker, similar to APY Vision, it boasts a simple UI to keep tabs on all your open positions, as well as view the open and monthly PnL’s. Merlin has another great feature, in the markets tab, where users can search for the best yield farming opportunities and compare pairs and protocols — enabling the platform to act as a screener and tracker in one!

Dapp Radar

Dapp Radar is a great app to use if you want to keep track of your assets outside of liquidity providing — ie NFT’s and standalone tokens. Its slightly different to the previous two, and lends itself to a different type of investor, the nonetheless a great tool. The Airdrop feature gives users a chance to score some of the most highly anticipated upcoming airdrops and is something not seen with its competitors.

On-Chain Data Tools

The foundation of Web3 is distributed ledger technology, which allows for transparency in transaction, and as users, we get a full view of all the data at hand. The level of insight available from on-chain data is unbelievable, but you have to know where to look.


The Godfather of on-chain analytics. Dune is a no-nonsense crypto data platform, for the community, by the community. Dashboards using on-chain data are created and shared by the community, from Gas Fee trackers to dashboards covering your favourite protocols, Dune is a great tool to use, to get the most raw insights into the inner workings of the space.


An all in one tool, spanning deep data, news, research and more! Messaris database covers a myriad of assets and protocols, ranging from blue chips to prediction markets. They are currently beta testing some awesome features, and we highly recommend checking out the platform.


Step above the rest when it comes to on-chain insights. For institions and the seasoned investor, its the holy grail of data. Only downside is that it is a paid tool, but worth it on every level.

Your journey through DeFi should be smoother sailing with these tools in your locker, so suit up and take to the seas!

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