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How to get backlinks for FREE in web3

How to get backlinks for FREE in web3

Linkbuilding in web3 is an absolute pain. Everyone demands a fee, and due to most sites being new, they have weak domain scores, and the only sure-fire way to secure a link has been to spend mass-mullah 

Whilst it is still hard to obtain free, healthy and relevant backlinks, there is a way!

Below, we have outlined our 6-step framework to find free, quality link-building opportunities.

Step 1: Identify the target page

This is the easiest step. Identify the page you want to obtain links for. Whilst we don’t need to give you a guide on how to do that, here are some point to think about when selecting the page — especially if you have a tight link-building budget.

  • What is the keyword difficulty for primary keyword the page targets?
  • Does this page directly drive revenue/How many clicks away is this page from a conversion?
  • What is the current ranking of the page?
  • What is the page authority for the selected page?

With a tight budget, we need to make sure the time spent on building links will get the maximum ROI, in terms ranking higher, faster and increase the chances of a conversion through that.

You can find this data through GSC, and any SEO supertool.

Step 2: Find your competitors

Head to your search engine of choice, and type in the primary keyword your selected page targets

Taken the first 5 URL’s and save them. 

These are the competitors we want to analyse for link-building opportunities.

Competitor research link building web3

Step 3: Analyse backlink data

Using the URL’s we gathered from our research, head to your super tool of choice, and find the Backlink Gap tool (or equivalent)

Input the UR’s and run the program — you should end up with a list of all the domains your competitors URLs have backlinks from.

backlinks analytics data web3

We arent done with the data yet, we need to clean and sort the data, to ensure we get rid of any spam links and duplicates.

Taking a sniper approach to link-building with all achieve a much better result than spraying emails everywhere

The domains we find are have a history of accepting backlinks, so are already more qualified than hitting any publication.

Step 4: Clean and sort the data

Sometimes, you can end up with 100s if not thousands of data points — and going through them by hand is not an effective use of your time.

Clean and sort your data to get the URLs you want to target

  • Clean duplicates
  • Remove domains under a certain threshold
  • Sort by Domain Authority and Traffic 

Now you are ready snipe your targets!

Step 5: Outreach

Pitching is arguably the hardest part of obtaining organic links. They is to show that your content will add value to the publication you are pitching to.

This can come in many forms; 

  1. Provide updated data insights that they’d want to link
  2. Unique perspective pieces related to other pages on their site
  3. Content for content swaps (where you can add a link yourself)

Here are a couple pitch template we have used to score links organically, which can be adapted to the 3 scenarios 

updated data link building template
Updated info email template
guest post/ content swap link building template
Guest Post / Content swap template

Step 6: rinse and repeat

Now we can repeat the process for other pages on your site.

its always good to keep the domains in a database, they can always be used for future outreach.

Building relationships is a key way to easily land links in the future.

Final thoughts

Link building can a bore, but with this framework, we can create systems and ease the process! 

keep the quality and personalistion high to skyrocket your hit rates.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

need some helping landing those high quality links?

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how to get free backlinks in web3

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