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While we would be happy to chat with you all day, we want to save your time as well as ours, by answering the most common questions that customers often ask us. Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Each programming is created differently, with the intention of performing different tasks. The most widely used languages for web development would be JavaScript (with all its different libraries and frameworks), HTML, PHP (the language wordpress is built on) and CSS.

Ultimately, it depends on what your intended purpose is

A great tool, built on open-source software, and is a content management system (CMS) that makes creating website much easier and manageable.

The age old question. The answer depends on what you want out of your website and the size of the project. A simple landing page may take a day or 2, whereas a fully fledged hard coded sight may take much longer.

Optimizing a campaign involves various things, from ensuring that your ads are targeting the highest traffic, driving keywords and reaching the correct audience, to giving the best performing ads the most budget and killing bad ads. Anything to maximise the results and efficiency of the campaign

There are a few general metrics that should be tracked to gauge the success of a campaign, and some more specialised metrics that can be monitored depending on the nature of the campaign or business

In general, the click through rate, conversions, cost per click, impressions and return on ad spend are metrics that should be tracked and provide an overall view on the strength of a campaign

Copy can make or break your ad. Even if your targeting the right audiences and keywords, if the copy is not relevant to the type of ad you are showing, the desired outcome will not be achieved. It is good practice to write ad copy relative to the level of prospect awareness you are targeting.

In short yes, paid adverts online whether they are through twitter, facebook or google are PPC ads. The differences lie channels which the ads flow through, social media ads relies on targeting and audience building, whilst search engine ads rely keyword searches and search intent.

In PPC ads, advertisers dont actually have to pay for advertising. An automated auction process takes place in which advertisers bid for which keywords their ads are to be visible in, and search engines determined which ads are shown to the relevant

In our opinion, SEO is an ongoing process. Using the gym analogy, if you stop going to the gym, you lose muscle. Even if you rank first for a certain search phrase, stopping the process in a highly competitive market will see you slip down the rankings

Backlinks are search engines version of social proof. If credible websites can link back to yours, it improves your own sites trustworthiness and is highly recognized by search engines. Equally, bad backlinks have a negative effect on your site, so make sure that your site isnt being linked to irrelevant or shady sites!

Short for Search Engine Optimisation, SEO is a service which enables your website to be indexed efficiently by google, increasing visibilty in relevant searches. Further allowing intent driven and qualified leads to find you faster

Performing an SEO campaign is like going to the gym. Your on-page and technical SEO is equivalent to fixing your form and cleaning up your diet, and you off-page and content creation is sticking to your routine and being disciplined. Dream bodies arent made in mere weeks, it can take months or years to reach your desired outcome. In the end, it is always worth it.

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The Feedback Loop from Hell


Reliance on hype and the performance of the bull market to gain visibility


Excessive use of guerilla marketing and other unsustainable practices centred on the short term


Weak brand image and foundations makes it excessively difficult to scale organically


Lack of focus on building foundations for the long-run.

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