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Building brand Authority 
Through Specialist Practices

We build your brand authority, and optimise your brand experiences,
 through an amalgamation of different specialisations

Smooth & comfortable experiences

UI/UX Design

Your website and app are the foundations of your brand’s online persona. Display your brand's identity, vision and purpose, and provide a sound brand experience
through a bespoke website or app. They are gateways for prospects to get an in-depth understanding of your endeavors and deserve the time and effort to reflect your hard work.


We gain a deeper understanding of the project and its specific goals via a questionnaire or an informal chat to curate a personalized website


We present you some design templates to assess your taste and design language. We encourage you to voice your inspirations and preferences

Design & Development

After solidifying your taste and brand messaging, we piece together the website, updating you with some mockups along the way

Testing & Troubleshooting

We run quality assurance checks, ensuring everything from buttons to animations are running as intended, and then voilà! A website is born

Scale organically

Content Marketing

Level up your marketing with Gelocubed!We offer SEO services, social media posting, email distribution, and lead conversion strategies. Let Gelocubed work our magic to make your marketing dreams a reality.


We take time to understand your brands goals
and objectives, and create a content strategy to 
fulfil them


We then take to our ideas to the page, creating written 
content that encapsulates your goals, communications 
style, and brand guidelines.

Content Design

Content design is as important as the content itself.
Creating a reading experience that lets users flow 
through the content, and provides them with the info
they need is a key point in building trust.


Once we nail the content style, we can scale our 
efforts, driving traffic and authority, whilsts also
improving the holistic brand experience;

Budget efficient marketing

Paid Advertising

Effective ad targeting is the missing piece that many adverts need, as a good looking ad is no use if it doesn't reach its intended audience. With 6+ years of experience, we know how to tackle this issue and ensure you are placed at center stage, in front of your clients

Market Research

Analyzing your business and its market is the first step in devising a specialized ads strategy. Compiling data on you, your competitors and the market landscape provides us a solid foundation

Strategy Curation

Using the data, we create a tailored strategy for you. Using a combination of our data and expertise, we ensure you are present in every phase of customer awareness.

Creative Production

The next piece of the puzzle. We produce the ad creatives ensuring everything aligns with you and your brand image and goals, enabling us to showcase your brand in imaginative ways

Audits & Optimisations

Paid advertising requires continuous optimisation. Keeping a close eye on your account allows us to capitalize on opportunities and ensure your budget is focused in the right places

"GeloCubed" Seo services and tools

Rank above the rest

SEO Services

91.5% of clicks are received by the top 10 google search results, and strong SEO is the key to securing the all important spots on google's first page. We curate tailored SEO strategies, to ensure you are ranking for keywords that streamline traffic to your site.

Technical Audit & Health Check

To gain insight into your current situation, we perform a health check, covering performance, security, current optimisation levels and other miscellaneous items. Our 30+ point audit ensures we investigate every nook and cranny

On-Page Optimizations

Optimizing your website’s architecture and structure is imperative for search engines to index it properly. We go through your website with a fine tooth comb, and ensure that all content is relevant and unique, all in the name of increasing authority

Content Strategy

Your content strategy is the crux of your SEO. We curate strategies and design content that ranks, engages and converts traffic into a paying customer. No dead traffic, more revenue and sales.

Off-Page Optimization

Link Building is where the real results begin. Establishing credibility and trust is where the bulk of time is spent in an SEO campaign. A strong backlink profile shows real credibility and boosts your rankings

building domain authority

Personal Branding

Gelocubed can help you become a brand superhero with a captivating story and online presence. Our branding gurus are here to give your brand a revamp or help with starting out. Let's chat over coffee about your branding goals. Let the branding games begin!

Ideation and research

We take time to understand you, your expertise, 
previous experience. This is step one to developing
topical authority


Creating a strategy that fits with your goals and 
personality is the next step in driving brand authority


We plan content on a weekly basis to keep on top 
of the ever changing market landscape, and to
give us room to be adaptable.

Analysis & Iteration

We analyse the performance of our content, 
and optimise for reach, tone of voice tweaks. We want to make the content sound as natural as possible

Engage & grow your community

Community Growth

Creating a community is a staple part of the Web3 experience, and at GeloCubed, we want to help you build yours. We cover community management across Discord, Reddit and Telegram. Ensuring your community is engaged and active is a key part of its growth, everyone wants to be part of something!


We configure the servers, ensuring the correct channels, bots and security measures are put in place. Your community's experience is a priority and they should have a smooth and enjoyable one


Our community managers and moderators will actively engage with the community, by orchestrating various group activities, responding to questions and creating conversations


Collaboration is a strong characteristic of the Web3 space, and it is no different in building communities. Collaboration with other communities can accelerate growth and engagement, allowing your projects to reach a wider audience

Spam Protection

Safety and comfort of your community is important, so we take the right precautions to ensure that. Community managers and moderators prevent spam, FUD, botted users, and malicious acts on the server, making your community a safe space

Keep in the public eye

Web3 PR

We're experts at hyping up blockchain-based businesses with out-of-the-box marketing techniques, industry connections, and a talented team. Let us tackle the tricky world of Web3 marketing and make your company the talk of the town.


Every piece has an ideal placement, we find that
through research and ideation. We don't want to waste budget on sub-par placements that have poor ROI


We help craft your story or announcement,
ensuring every word has the right intention, proper structure and appeals to journalists.


We distribute the piece through newswires 
or through our journalist database. Depending on the piece and its goals, a trusted newswire or journalist outreach is used for distribution


Traffic, engagement and strong links are drawn between and the public, driving brand authority and growth.

Our Seemless Workflow Sets us Apart

Understanding the Client

We prioritize understanding the needs and objectives of our clients, and our experience in Web3 allows us to do so on a deeper level

Devising a Strategy

Being able to understand projects in depth allows us to develop a specialised strategy suited to surpass your goals

Implementing the Plan

With a high level of passion, innovative ideas, and a wealth of experience, we believe in exceeding our clients expectations

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What Our Client’s Say

Positive customer reviews motivate us to handle the toughest challenges, we thank all our customers for giving us the opportunity to serve and promise to do our best to deliver every little thing they need.

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The Feedback Loop from Hell


Reliance on hype and the performance of the bull market to gain visibility


Excessive use of guerilla marketing and other unsustainable practices centred on the short term


Weak brand image and foundations makes it excessively difficult to scale organically


Lack of focus on building foundations for the long-run.

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