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5 Easy Ways to Improve Brand Experience in Web3

Web3 has thoroughly ignored brand building for the last few years. 

The bull market put everyone in full greed mode, the majority projects just wanted to funnel users in, relying on the speculation of riches & monetary gain, and the hype of the market to fuel growth.

Where are 95% of those projects who employed these tactics? Swallowed by a tidal wave of red candle sticks. 

While the sea of volatility has calmed, they remain even stiller.
Creating a sound brand experience is what drives organic user growth, retention, and revenue generation. By creating a deeper connection between you and your users.

In the web3 space, there is one part of the overall brand experience that we do very well — Community. However that is not enough.

There are many pieces to this pie.

What is brand experience?

Your brand experience is essentially the amalgamation of all the ways you make your audience feel, and what they think when they interact with your brand, whether it be on the app, through social or even when hearing the name in conversation.

It’s the aftertaste they get post-interaction.

Brand experience is how your users feel as they go through the customer journey, and beyond. Its this experience that will either make them a an evangelist and recurring source of revenue for your project, protocol or business, or another one that got away.

Investing in your brand experience is as important as creating the product itself. Good experiences win every, single, time.

In web3, this could experience could be from how they feel when interacting with your community, your social media pages, the content you create, and even the experience of using your app. It’s a big beast but once tamed, it will be your mightiest warrior.

The Importance of brand experience in web3

The experience your brand gives users, prospects or passers-by, and ultimately this affects your bottom line. Consistently provide bad experiences? lose sales, suffer network effects of bad word-of-mouth, and reviews, decline in revenue and user-base. Create a good brand experience? People will spread the word like wildfire, you will see your digital presence blossom and you will experience superior levels of growth, retention and revenue generation.

The brand experience is what creates loyalty. Consistently providing a good brand experience is a key tool for accessing higher user acquisition, retention and recurring revenue — not to mention a strong community.

The most valuable brands, in the web3 space and outside, know that consistently providing a great overall brand experience is what deepens connections between users and the company, and enables that next step in organic growth and increase in market share.

Don’t believe me? here are some studies:

2021: Market report from Marq showed that 68% of their study reported that brand consistency contributed about 10–20% of all sales

2022: A study by Salsify showed that 46% of consumers will pay more for a brand they can trust

2022: A study from Emplifi noted that 86% of consumers would leave a brand after as few as two poor experiences

Brand experience matters.

What are the components of brand experience in web3?

To provide an overall great brand experience there are 5 major points which need to be hit

Social Experience

Most web3 brands are active on social media, and use it as the main way to communicate their updates, developments and

Community Experience

The experience that users have with your community is a huge deal. Your community is the backing of your project, and can reflect your ideals within them — as you attract what you give out. Ensuring that users experience in the community is good, is of extreme importance.

Site experience

Your site is where users can find more about your vision, mission and expertise. Its the main touch-point pre any personable interaction.

App Experience

Mainly referring to UX, the experience your users have in-app is a huge factor in whether they will return again or head to a competitor.

Differentiated experiences

Are you deploying unique experience for your users? Creating unique experiences for your users is key in differentiating your brand from the rest, and leaving a lasting impression.

Now that we have identified the major facets of brand experience, lets break down how we can optimise these factors to truly deliver a unique, enjoyable brand experience.

How to Optimise the Brand Experience in Web3

Let’s go through how each part of the holistic brand experience can be optimised to create a good experience, increase user acquisition and retention, and drive revenue.

Social Experience Optimisation

Your social media is generally one of the first touch-points for a newcomer entering your ecosystem, and as such should provide a first impression that keeps them in.

Your prospects experience media should leave them with a good taste after a few interactions

✅ Provide value

✅ Display expertise

✅ Engage with the audience

✅ Stay active

✅ Show consistency

✅ Show Competence

Delivering on these 5 items builds your brands authority, builds trust with the audience and gives them a reason to stick around, follow and engage with you.

Consistently providing quality content, and providing a pleasant experience on social media can grease the cogs in your client acquisition machine.

With the right intention, your social media presence will strengthen, and act as the first lever to drive prospects down your funnel.

Community “Optimisation”?

Probably the biggest touch-point for most web3 businesses.

“optimising” communities contradicts their very nature, but there are ways to create an experience within them that breeds positivity, growth, value-creation and more, which you can leverage to acquire and retain users

✅ Set guidelines, let them grow ground up

Don’t need to command the community — set guidelines for behaviour and intention, and let the community grow around those. Communities in web3 start as the congregation of those within like-minded ideals, common interests and behaviours. As a project, you will attract what you allow, and so setting guidelines can help in aiding the direction and trajectory of the community.

Think of it as providing the infrastructure for plants to grow in, you get the pot, add the soil, water the plant to help it grow and trim it, all of those inputs are up to your discretion — without it, the plant will grow in ways that are deviate from your goals, or may die out all together.

Set guidelines, set the tone, but also engage with them on and offline, celebrate their wins, answer their questions, support them and treat them like your investors. provide value, create differentiated experiences and cultivate an environment for value-creation to occur.

Your community is one of your main stakeholders, they are your biggest cheerleaders, and can make or break your project.

Delivering on these ensure that your community aligns with your goals, is constantly engaged and that any new-comers will engage in positive experiences.

Website Optimisation

Your website is a key component of the digital customer journey and a major touch-point in driving conversions for products.

Optimising your website to create a sound user and brand experience is tall order with a lot of moving parts, but heres a quick rundown of the basics

✅ Clear, concise copy and CTAs
✅ Easy to navigate UI
✅ Simple UX
✅ Content for SEO and brand building purposes
✅ Mobile responsiveness and speed

Make it as easy as possible for a prospect to understand what you do, how you can add value to their lives, and how they can become a customer. Answer their questions before they ask, guide them without them knowing, and make it easy for them to drive themselves to the next step of their journey with your brand

When a website is optimised properly, it adds another layer to the brand experience as it builds trust, displays competence and improves conversions. acquiring, processing and retaining organic traffic and users becomes a breeze

(d)Apps/product Optimisation

The final piece of the puzzle. If you’ve done everything else right, and provided a solid brand experience through the first 3 steps, you will find more users for your product and dapp, but it doesnt’t end there.

We need to keep them coming back.

The main optimisations here would be for your products UX. A lot of people underestimate what goes into creating a sound user experience, and often mix UI with UX, or lump them together. A bad user experience could cost you $$$ in the long run.

Your apps UX is also a part of the brand experience. did users enjoy using your app? did they find it easy to navigate and execute actions? Great! they’ll use it again. if not, then the will go somewhere else.

Users are fickle, and a bad experience or two can send them to your competitors front door.

✅ Proper usability testing
✅ A/B test changes consistently
✅ Benchmark against KPIs
✅ Enhance UX with content
✅ Listen to community feedback

Provide a good user experience, and they will associate it with you brand.

Creating Unique Experience

Aside from the above, differentiating your brand through unique, engaging experiences is one way to make you stand out from the crowd.

from token-gated events to exclusive user rewards, assets and merch, these things add up and help create a clearer vision in your customers mind about who you are and what you stand for.

Final notes

The brand experience is not just at the point of sale, its all the way through the customer journey AND beyond.

Your brands digital touch-points need to be effectively monitored to ensure they contribute to creating an enjoyable, positive brand experience, which in turn drives users down the funnel and retains them.

For those who are really looking to create something to last, a focus on creating a strong brand experience is key.

Still struggling to create a holistic brand experience? get in touch with us through our contact page, and lets fix you up!

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Ramsey Shallal

Co-Founder + Strategy

Ramsey has been in the Web3 space for 3+ years, and is leveraging that experience to create generative marketing solutions, that drive organic growth through improved brand experience and authority

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