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Web3 SEO is as important as ever

Historically, SEO has been about ranking relevant traffic driving keywords, targeting a combination of “low hanging fruit” (Keywords with low difficulty and some traffic, targeted for quick traffic boosts as they can be ranked for with relative ease) in the short term, and more general sector/business specific keywords, which tend to have more competition, along with branded keywords in the long term, by creating relative, engaging, and valuable content. In short, by becoming authority in your given niche.

I believe that there is a new keyword strategy that can be applied to the Web3 SEO space. Targeting keywords with “Traffic Potential”.

Traffic Potential

This is where the first part of the golden opportunity lies. In the case for Web3, I believe that there is now a 3rd keyword strategy that can be deployed. Keywords with Traffic Potential. Keywords with importance that may not have traffic now, but have a high chance of high traffic in the future. Non-Web3 native SEO’s may lack the technical knowledge required to understand the important characteristics of new protocols and projects, and ultimately won’t identify the keywords with traffic potential, or the related LSI keywords.

The view is that we should also be targeting a healthy amount of relevant keywords with traffic potential, as an investment for the future. I had the pleasure of talking about this in a general sense with David Belle, from Macrodesiac, and he brought up the point of foreseeing importance. Coming from a trading background, you learn how to gauge the importance and possible outcomes of certain events. In this instance, non-Web3 native marketers may ‘misprice’ or undervalue certain keywords, as they don’t see the importance they’ll have in the future.

As blockchain tech develops, new use cases are discovered and services are born, untapped traffic potential with little to no competition emerges. For projects who fall under those descriptions the world is your oyster.

BuT RaMsEy HoW dO YoU knOw whaT QueRies WiLl PerfOrM BesT?!?

The question isn’t what queries I think will perform the best, but what keywords and concepts are most important to your business and the space in the future.

I am not a genie, fortune teller, nor a wizard (as much as I’d love to be), but we have seen that the crypto markets are cyclical, and interestingly enough so are the charts for related Google queries.

Bitcoin Price chart
Blockchain Search Interest
Bitcoin Search interest

It’s very clear here that the search interest for industry keywords have followed the cyclical nature of the markets. This is by no means a revelation, and it’s a point most people in the space probably figured out intuitively. In bear markets, problems arise. As search volume drops it is hard find keywords that are super relevant and fall into the the category of ‘low hanging fruit’ leaving most SEO’s to all be going to the same broad keywords, or even worse, irrelevant keywords. Investing in keywords with high traffic potential may have a much higher ROI when we enter the next market cycle, and move towards mass adoption.

Note: Search interest is not a value for total traffic, but a score of popularity compared to other points in time.


Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009, Cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and Web3 have come leaps and bounds, with new use cases and real world value propositions being developed every day. Even so, the space is shrouded in mystery and misinformation and most of the general public don’t particularly understand the concept. A lack of understanding leads non Web3/Crypto/Tech enthusiasts to believe the space is a complicated, scam-ridden, war zone for drug dealers, money launderers and hackers — and the events of 2022 haven’t exactly helped improve this. Achieving mass adoption of blockchain technology requires multiple conditions, and one of them is a sufficient level of education and general knowledge for those outside the know, and it’s here where we find the second part to the golden opportunity.

Providing relevant, valuable content is already a key part of SEO campaigns, and a key driver to ranking highly and increasing sales. It is arguably more important in the Web3 space (or any new market/industry), the muck of misinformation, and bad rep, coupled with the education deficit the space has may pose an issue on the journey to mass adoption.

It is here where we can hit 2 birds with one stone. By creating content with clear value-add (such as education) on your project, sector, technological breakthroughs etc, you can rank for words with traffic potential, whilst at the same time reducing the education deficit. The best part is, you gain credibility from providing value and become an authority in your space.

These lead to higher engagement, activity and sales for your project/product, whilst also contributing to the educational infrastructure required to move us closer to mass adoption.

By focusing on important high traffic potential keywords while competition is low, puts you in a much better position for the future, once traffic picks up, competition for those words will do so as well. As we know, the bear market is best time for building, and building up your rapport is no different.

Your SEO strategy should not be solely focused on traffic potential, there should still be an emphasis on keywords with substantial traffic already, the idea here is to get an edge over your competition and set yourself up properly for when the tides change as the ROI and benefits are multi faceted! The more work is done now, the harder it will be for your competitors to rank, and the easier it will be for you to gain traffic.

I hope this piece showcased a different perspective to SEO, and really highlighted the importance of forward thinking in the world of marketing!

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Ramsey has been in the Web3 space for 3+ years, and is leveraging that experience to create generative marketing solutions, that drive organic growth through improved brand experience and authority

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