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What makes a backlink good quality in 2023

Following on from our previous blog on toxic backlinks, we thought we’d flip the script, and shed some light on what makes a good quality link.

Having a strong, high quality backlink profile is an important factor in determining the authoritativeness and credibility of your website. In fact, backlinks are one of the only things to be confirmed by Google, to affect your rankings. In this blog we will go over the factors that can dictate the strength and quality of your backlinks, and even give a small bonus point at the end!

1. Relevance

The relevance of the link to your own site is an important factor to consider when auditing the quality of your links. Whether it be the relevance of the site linking to you, the content of the page to your own work or even the anchor text of the link, relevance matters!

Ensuring the links are relevant allows for the right people to end up at your doorstep, driving more high quality traffic and increasing conversions.

2. Domain Authority/Rating

Domain Authority (otherwise seen as Domain Rating depending on the tool you use) is a measure of website quality that takes into account a multitude of factors and is ranked on a scale of 1–100. Generally, anything over 40 is considered a good score.

Having a website with proved authority in the space you are in link to yours shows Google that you too, are a credible, quality site. In turn, will improving the search engines view of you and boost your rankings.

3. Link placement

The position of the link is a factor that is debated, but one that makes logical sense. Having a link in the middle of content is more likely to be crawled and clicked than those in the footer of the page or in the sidebar.

Links in the 2 latter positions may also be viewed as spam as they are ultimately “hidden away” from the main content. It is also believed that links higher up a page are more likely to be crawled more or given more weight by search engines.

However, there is no definitive proof that this is the case.

4. Anchor text

A links anchor text provides context, and so well written anchor text can be a pivotal factor in the success and value of a link. the more relevant and specific the anchor text, the better!

Search engines want to see anchor text that displays relevance and diversity in the choice of anchor text. Below are some examples of different types of anchor text.

Brand Name — GeloCubed

Naked URL — https://twitter.com/GeloCubed

Exact match anchor text — Ethereum

Partial match anchor text — Start trading on Binance!

Zero match anchor text — McPlant burger is awesome!

As you can see, the relevancy and specificity between them varies.

5. Traffic

Sometimes a surprisingly overlooked metric, the amount of traffic a link brings to your site is a determinant to some degree to the value it holds. Having a few quality links raking in 10’s of thousands of people is better than having thousands of scrappy links to make up the numbers.

Having said this, higher traffic sites also tend to be harder to obtain links from, but for those who put in the time, the fruits of your labour will be plentiful.

6. Links from well known brands or publications

Tying into the ever present theme of authority and credibility, links from well known sites, whether they be big brands, journalists or well known bloggers, can be strong assets to have in your backlink profile. As is the case for high traffic links, the effort in obtaining high profile links is worth the reward.

7. Follow vs no follow links

Follow and no-follow links are perceived very differently by Google. Follow links positively affects your SEO and aids in influencing your page ranking. No-follow links, whilst not inherently bad, don’t directly help your ranking, aside from bringing in traffic to your site, and so if there are no-follow links to your site that generate substantial traffic, it is worth keeping them!


Domain variety is another somewhat overlooked factor, and links well with domain authority. Links from sites with .edu or .ac domains are seen as authoritative due to their links to education and academia, and are perceived well by google.

As we have just seen there are a fair few things to keep in mind when determining the quality of a link! Remember, it’s the quality of our links that’ll pay the dividends, not the quality.

If you’d like to fix up your backlink profile and boost your rankings, get in touch with us at GeloCubed today!

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Ramsey has been in the Web3 space for 3+ years, and is leveraging that experience to create generative marketing solutions, that drive organic growth through improved brand experience and authority

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