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A team of Web3 natives, marketing whiz's and data nerds, who have helped our clients achieve triple-digit organic growth through content and design.

How we achieve a Triple Digit Growth

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Our Clients & Team Experience

Our Mission

Building and Scaling Web3 Brands

Over 80% of projects don’t survive the bear market

We tackle three pressing problems in the web3 space, that hold projects from reaching new heights.

We are on a mission to help the real innovators of tomorrow de-commoditize themselves from the rest of the market, by leveraging the global reach and scalable nature of content to drive growth and revenue generation.

The Gelo way

Sustainable Scaling through Content

Every project is unique, and deserves a personalised action plan. Through our methods, we breed compelling brand narratives and strong brand authority that enable web3 brands, projects and founders to accelerate their growth

Research and Strategy

Conducting research on your users, the market landscape and your competitors, we can create a content strategy fit to acquire users, gain market share and drive revenue.

Organic Growth

We then execute on the plan, creating content that aligns with your brand, resonates with users and distinguishes you from competitors - allowing you to take market share.

Sustainable Scaling

Optimising the user experience of your site, dapp or social profile, we can reduce friction, build trust with users and help drive retention. Don't just acquire users, keep them.

How We do it

Our Work Process

Understanding your project is the foundation of a successful campaign, and we take a deep interest in your work to formulate our strategies in accordance with your goals and values.

We get the nuance of the web3 space, and will stand with you through the twists and turns of the market.

Web3 Natives

Supporting Those Building Tomorrow

Over the last few years we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to Web3 space, and we are here to change the game.

By focusing on building authority, we can take your brand and project to new heights and unlock sustainable scaling

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Ready to remove gravity from your growth equation?

Let GELO elevate your project. Our team of industry insiders is equipped with the expertise to help you reach new heights.

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The Feedback Loop from Hell


Reliance on hype and the performance of the bull market to gain visibility


Excessive use of guerilla marketing and other unsustainable practices centred on the short term


Weak brand image and foundations makes it excessively difficult to scale organically


Lack of focus on building foundations for the long-run.

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Let us understand your requirements and we will ensure that we cultivate an experience that leaves customers feeling good about your project.